Cru is supported by people like you who want to help the Body of Christ grow through evangelism and discipleship. Your gift helps to reach people to faith in Jesus Christ, build them in their faith and send them to reach and build others. You can join us as a ministry partner by giving financially towards the staff and ministry of Cru Singapore.


Singapore Ministries

  • Support our local ministries catered for believers at every stage of life from campus to marketplace, family life and beyond.
  • Aid outreach efforts to students, working professionals, families, athletes, etc

International Ministries

  • Overseas missionaries and ministries
  • Help accelerate the fulfilment of the Great Commission
  • Overseas community outreach projects

Media Ministry

  • Winning Souls and Saving Minds
  • As the publishing arm of Cru Singapore, we aim to equip and provide useful resources to assist churches and mission organisations reach the unreached