#GO Praiseland

#GO - till His Kingdom comes!

#GO is Cru Singapore's missions thrust to send 200 teams to impact 20 nations in 25 months beginning in December 2023. We desire to join God where He is at work. It's about the souls of men - bringing hope to humanity and witnessing lives transformed through obedience to the Holy Spirit.
Community Outreach - You will partner local churches in their efforts to bless and reach the community. Exercise your gifts and utilise your skill sets by organising English or Gospel camps, sports, interest-groups, conduct topical seminars or relevant trainings.
Prayer and Vision Journeys - Prayer is one of the most powerful mission strategies. A guide will lead you through a 3 - 5 day prayer walk to intercede for the land. You will have the opportunity to interact with the local people, hear stories from the field and experience the culture of the land.
Humanitarian - Bring aid, support and assistance to communities in need. Some opportunities include providing medical care, education, clean water, food or other essential services.
Campus project - Befriend and connect with the youths through games and activities. Reach out to campus students through conversations, exchange stories and experience each other's cultures!
Participants who embark on multiple trips within the same calendar year will only need to pay the $50 registration fee once! Write to us at gomissions@cru.org.sg for more information.